A writer and editor with a background in publishing, technology, and education.


University of Maryland

Bachelor of Arts in English (12/2016)

College Park Scholars (12/2015)



Minor Planets Bulletin


826 Boston


Writing, editing, proofreading, research, Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Various Word Processors, Excel, PowerPoint.


Comedy (humor, stand-up, improv),

Travel (driving, road trips, nature walks)

Books (literary fiction, science-fiction, fantasy, horror, mysteries)

Film/Television (thrillers, dramas, sci-fi/fantasy, comedies)

Podcasts/Radio (sport talk. news, true crime, story driven, experimental, quiz shows)


Boston Public Schools, Boston

Substitute Teacher (9/2019 — Present)

Following lesson plans to the letter and maintaining learning standards

Demonstrating a connection to students

Being placed on the preferred substitute lists of two separate schools.

Bookstr, New York City

Editorial Intern (8/2018 — 12/2018)

Wrote 5-6 online book oriented articles a week.

Contributed ideas to daily editorial pitch meetings, brainstorming video and contest premises.

Worked with Drupal and then Wordpress CMS.

Performed daily online article research and image sourcing.

Inkwell Management, New York City

Intern (9/2017 — 12/2017)

Read a dozen manuscript both fiction and nonfiction. Wrote accompanying reader’s reports evaluating the work.

Responded to half a dozen query letters with input from agent.

Record keeping hundreds of royalty reports from over a dozen different publishing houses.

Digitally communicated earnings to 20 different authors.

Assisted agents with courier service and errand running.

Maryland Institute for Technologies in the Humanities, DC

Research Intern (8/2016 — 12/2016)

Encoded two Shelley manuscripts using TEI markup language.

Proofread code and marked up 15 critical mistakes in Github.

Assisted with HTML/CSS development of the tool’s webpage.

Gave feedback for user interface design to improve usability.

Library of Congress, DC

Editorial Intern (6/2015 — 9/2015)

Wrote a comprehensive material report on the history of bikes.

Collaborated with librarians and editors on two major projects.

Researched and compiled around 100 library materials including books, galleys, film reel, discs, posters, photographs, and various physical objects.

Used card catalog system to research validity of thirty copyright notices.

University of Maryland English Department, College Park

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (8/2015 — 12/2015)

Assisted professor with course design and lesson plans.

Taught weekly lessons and led small group activities of around 20 students.

Advised students regarding writing online and in person.

Edited three primary course papers for clarity, organization, and ideas as well as gave student’s feedback.